Why we started Squirly

Posted by Colin Leslie on

Shopping cartWhy did we start Squirly? Before becoming business school students, we were all busy "young professionals." Although our cities and jobs differed, we all had one thing in common - that we spent more time at the office or on the road than at home each week.

When the weekend came around, we wanted to spend our limited time with friends or out exploring - not grocery shopping. Giving up a portion of the weekend  to shop was even more frustrating because 85% of what we purchased was the same - paper towels, toothpaste, razors. We had tried online subscription services, but found that they were too challenging to set up and maintain - how is anyone supposed to know how many weeks it takes to use a tube of toothpaste? There had to be an easier solution.

We created Squirly to be that solution. By ordering your products through Squirly, we learn how quickly it takes for you to go through each item. We can then remind you to reorder or set up a custom subscription for each product - no guessing required.

Thanks for joining Squirly - we're on a mission to make sure you never run out again.

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