How Squirly is helping our customers experience the world

Posted by Colin Leslie on

SunsetAt Squirly, we're passionate about making your shopping experience as painless as possible, but we're also avid foodies, travelers, and explorers. The average American spends almost 2 hours a week shopping - what would you do with that time back?

We've already started to hear about all the great ways our customers are using the time we've saved them - going hiking, spending time with friends and family, or visiting that new "hot spot" in town.

If you haven't tried Squirly, we want to invite you to give us a spin - completely risk free. We offer the same prices as your favorite online stores and ship you your products quickly using two-day shipping. Time savings and our price comparison services are just the extra cherry on top.

Try out our Squirlcierge service and we promise we'll give you some time back. All we ask is that you let us know all the cool things you've done instead of spending time on your weekly shopping.

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